[Samba] Upgrading Samba: minimum requirements for Samba wrtSolaris and gcc

Troy.A Johnson troy.johnson at health.state.mn.us
Fri Jan 9 20:52:13 GMT 2004


Thank you very much!

>>>> John P. Nelson <nelsonjp at genrad.com> 01/08/04 03:43PM >>>
>>an on Solaris 8, the 'configure' step completes 
>>successfully, but 'make' seems to hang early:
>> ...
>>creating /home/troy/src/samba/samba-3.0.1/source/include/proto.h
>>[it hangs here for hours if I let it]
>This problem occurs if /usr/ucb is in your path ahead of /usr/bin or
>/bin.  I tracked this behavior into mkproto.sh: the problem is with
>"tr" program in /usr/ucb.  mkproto.sh uses "tr" in a pipeline like
>  ... | tr ' ' '\n' | ...
>/usr/ucb/tr substitutes spaces with "n" characters, where /usr/bin/tr
>substitutes newlines.  It makes a HUGE difference to what mkproto.sh
>is trying to do.
>Frankly, I recommend removing /usr/ucb from your path entirely.

I followed your advise and this problem goes away. 

>>I have had trouble compiling Samba version 3.0.1 
>>with gcc version 2.8.1 on Solaris 2.5.1:
>>$ ./configure
>>checking for gcc... gcc
>>checking for C compiler default output... cat: cannot open
>>configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
>Something fundamental is broken.  Look in "config.log" - the messages
>there may help you figure out what's going wrong.

I looked there and cannot find what is wrong. :-(
The file is located here: http://troy.jdmz.net/config.log

>My first guess would be that something is wrong with gcc:  perhaps
>really CAN'T create executables on this system:  try doing a simple
>compile of a "hello world" C program.  

I can compile simple and complex programs, and Samba 
2.2.8a (though that has the 'Broken pipe' problem).

>It's weird that configure can't report on the contents of conftest.c,
>though.  It's almost like something else is wrong with the standard
>shell scripting tools on this system.  I'd try removing any strange
>directories from your PATH, and try again.

I have removed everything but /usr and /usr/bin from 
the PATH and still get this error. 

Thank you for helping me progress toward a solution!

Thanks again,

Troy Johnson

P.S. - sorry the quoting is no good here.

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