[Fwd: [Samba] First shot at smb.conf 1/2 right...]

Jay Taylor jtaylor at pocosin.com
Fri Jan 9 19:34:42 GMT 2004


Here is my smb.conf file.  I have removed the path statements from 2004
and Others and my Windows clients can now open and save to the shares. 
(aside...why does having the path = /Projects/2004 not let the Windows
Clients open those shares while removing the path statements allows it?)

Is there a simple way to add all of the subfolders located in Projects
(i.e., project folders/files) to be included in the shares if they are
created in the /Projects folder on the server?

The /Projects folder is mapped to a 2GB HD FAT32 within the Linux box.

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated.

Jay Taylor
	workgroup = mitchell
	netbios name = Projects
	security = share
	public = yes
	load printers = no
	force user = employee
	force group = employee
	read only = no
	writeable = yes


	Comment = 2004

	Comment = Others

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