[Samba] best, safest and easiest way to provide remote access to files onlinux machine

Thiago Lima thiagolima at webforce.com.br
Fri Jan 9 16:16:03 GMT 2004

You could setup a VPN between your linux server and your remote clients.
Using freeswan (opensource) and win2000/xp native suport for it.


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> dear list.
> this question is rather related to samba, although not 
> exclusively. I consider it related enough to ask here, please 
> apologise if you don't.
> we are in the process of setting up a samba domain at my 
> company. a goal is to replace our current nt4 servers. 
> another goal is to provide an easy way to access the 
> documents on the lan (and peoples home directories) from 
> 'outside' (anywhere on the internet)
> A way to do this, seems to be the so called 'web folders', 
> which appears to be the m$ name for webdav.
> Now the questions. I'm sure that wanting this is very common, 
> I guess lot's of you experts have setup similar things in the 
> places you work. So, the
> questions:
> Is web folders the way to go? And how to implement this 
> server-side? (mod_dav does not seem to be able to do exactly 
> what i want) (davenport, http://davenport.sourceforge.net/ 
> doesn't seem very mature) What are the alternatives? (either 
> open source, or paid software) (suse openexchange 4.1
> (http://www.suse.com/us/business/products/openexchange/) 
> seems to have some sort of webdav interface. any experiences 
> if that will do what i want?)
> Any experiences in user authentication? Things I should keep 
> into consideration when setting up my samba domain? (as 
> nothing has been setup yet, so we can completely start from scratch)
> Any comments would be very much appreciated!
> Again apologies for the slight off-topic issue. Just pointers 
> in the right direction would be appreciated, and, in case 
> someone knows, but doesn't want to continue this discussion 
> here, please don't hestitate to contact me directly.
> Have a nice weekend all of you!
> Mourik Jan
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