[Samba] Samba3+LDAP configuration... PLEASEEE

Áncor González Sosa ancorglez2 at softhome.net
Fri Jan 9 08:07:40 GMT 2004

I've spended days trying to get a Samba3 PDC configuration. It almost works now,
but I have experimented a lot of problems and now my configuration is still FAR
from perfect.

I have no more time left so I'm looking for somebody to share his/her
configuration files with me. That is what I'm setting:

    Samba 3.0.0 PDC with LDAP backend.

    The same LDAP users and groups as valid Unix users/groups (posixAccounts and
    posixGroups), so I can login in Linux clients using the LDAP as user
    database (I have nsswitch and PAM_LDAP properly configured in the PDC).

    Windows2000 Pro and Linux clients

    I want to manage de users and groups in the domain with usrmgr.exe from M$.

Well, I think that's all. I would like somebody out there with this
configuration working to send me his/her:

    LDAP schema,

    LDAP tree (slapcat output),


    scripts used to add user, remove machine, etc.

    /etc/passwd and /etc/group (though these files should be clean of 
                                Samba stuff),

    any other thing envolved in some way in the server configuration.

Of course, I don't need the whole tree (just some users and groups, including
root/administrator), but you can send it to me if you don't mind. I don't need
real usernames, domain name or passwords. Please, send me EVERYTHING, don't tell
me things like "I use the default scripts", just send me your scripts and

Of course, you don't have to send the files to the list, just to my address.
Well, that's all, I think. I need this working as soon as possible and I can't
spend hours fixing a lot of small mistakes in my LDAP/Samba 3 configuration.

Thank you VERY much.

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