[Samba] No option for username when logging in.

Francis Buxton failure at speakeasy.net
Thu Jan 8 23:48:40 GMT 2004


Our Debian 3.01 file server, running Samba 3.0.0 is setup for guest 
access to all of the shares.  Now I want to add one username, that is a 
private share for payroll.  I added the username 'pam' with adduser, 
and configured smb.conf, see below.

         path = /home/pam
         comment = Private
         valid users = pam
         writeable = yes
         username level = 3

Do I need to do anything to the smbusers file?

When I try to access that share, I'm not able to enter a username.  
It's defaulting to guest, and prompting for a password.  Actually, it's 
doing this for all shares.  When I first set this up a few weeks back, 
I was being prompted for a password, but I could never connect 
successfully, so I left it alone.   (Currently searching the archived 
logs for an answer.)

Would it be easier to just make a password-protected directory in one 
of the existing guest shares?

Thanks in advance for any input.


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