[Samba] setting up samba3 on rh9 using win bind

Tim Thorpe tthorpe at trayerproducts.com
Thu Jan 8 21:15:20 GMT 2004

I have been attempting to set up RH9 as a file server using Windows

I have winbind running and both the wbinfo, and getent passwd commands
return users and groups from the windows domain.

Samba is set up, using the gui but when I try and add users, the domain
users do not appear in the list.

I am sure the gurus will tell me not to use the gui's but I am really new at
this and would like to get this running in a relative hurry.

Are there step by step instructions anywhere for setting up Samba, using a
Windows DC for authentication, on RH9.

If you gurus can walk me through setting this up from the command line I
will greatly appreciate that also.

I did download a document from geceventures.com that I thought would help
but the first thing it tells me to do is "On the Linux server, add user...

Adding users that already exist on my DC to the linux box is exactly what I
would like to avoid.



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