[Samba] Win98/2000 with plaintext?

Jan Engelhardt jengelh at linux01.gwdg.de
Thu Jan 8 16:16:03 GMT 2004

>> just a pretty short and up-to-the-point question:
>>  Is it possible to run Samba both for Windows 98SE and Windows 2000
>>  Professional using plaintext passwords?
>Plain-text passwords will not work with Domain security.
>When a windows client drops a connection, and then tries to re-connect it,
>the only password it can supply is the encrypted hash. If your Samba

But if plaintext passwords are used, there is no such hash, and thus, no such
hash can be re-submitted. (I am using security level 'user') However, all
Windows98 copies that I have installed (be it on a laptop or in VMware), if I
put those machines to standby, they loose their TCP/IP connections after some
specific amount of time. (That is, if I turn them on right away again, they
still work just before) If the connections are dropped, Windows just picks them
up again with no problems. Probably with a delay, but in the network where I
want to use both 98/2000, these machines are on all the time.

>server does not support encrypted passwords the reconnect will not work.
>At best you will get an error that requires logging out, followed by
>loging on again. At worst you will get a blue sreeen of death.
>So, given that background, plain-text passwords kind of work, if you can
>put up with the limitations described.

So since this is possible: I have read some of the samba docs/* files provided
with my samba-2.2.7a-72.rpm (SuSE), and have (since months) Win98 domain logons
working fine. As I now tried to add a Windows 2000 host, I don't quite get over
these domain registrations (host$) and stuff.
So far I have added a user aero$ (machine name) as described in the docs, but
Win2000 still refuses to join a domain (though it successfully joins a
workgroup). (The registry entries are already modified to use plaintext pws.)
Anything else I could try?

Jan Engelhardt

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