[Samba] winbind Problem

Thomas Köhn thk4711 at web.de
Thu Jan 8 15:18:22 GMT 2004


we are using a SAMBA 3.0.1-0. The Server is a Member of a W2k AD. Everrything is working as expected for some hours. But from time to time we get te following error Messages.

Jan  7 22:34:01 ddrsos2 winbindd[1387]: [2004/01/07 22:34:01, 0] rpc_client/cli_pipe.c:cli_nt_session_open(1430)
Jan  7 22:34:01 ddrsos2 winbindd[1387]:   cli_nt_session_open: cli_nt_create failed on pipe \NETLOGON to machine DRSTSADM03.  Error was ERRSRV - ERRinvnid (Th
e tree ID (TID) specified in a command was invalid.)

If this happens all users are unable to open any Files. After a Restart of samba and winbind it works fine again.

The error log in the W2K Server shown errors as well (Something like "The server's call to a system service failed unexpectedly. ").

What can we do here ?

Thank You
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