[Samba] PDF printer and wiidows driver auto-download.

cedric_lejeune cedric.lejeune at laposte.net
Thu Jan 8 09:35:03 GMT 2004

> > If I choose "Connect...", windows says "The server on which
> > the 'PdfPrinter' printer resides does not have the correct
> > printer driver installed. If you want to install the driver 
> > on your local computer, click OK.". It does not download
> > driver from samba server =(
> If you click Ok, then cancel, then go the Advanced tab,
> select the driver from the "Driver" select, and click 
> Apply... does the setting not stick?  (If you exit
> properties, right click on the printer again,
> and choose properties).

Sorry, I cannot access the "Advanced Tab". If I choose
"Connect" after a right-click on the printer in the "Printers"
folder on samba server, then click "Ok", it starts "Add
Printer Wizard". From here, if I choose "Cancel", I go back to
"Printers" folder and nothing more. If I choose "Have
Disk...", it does not work too 'cause I do not have "*.inf"
file on my [print$] share.
Right-click on the virtual printer on more time and choose
"Properties" or "Connect..." open again the same windows =(

I've thought about one thing last night. Is the user ID
important when copying/installing driver from Windows to samba
[print$] share? I explain. I do not have Admin password, so
I've copied drivers from windows using a share as a "normal"
samba user, do  the "adddriver" and other stuff as this user.
I only got Admin password for the "setdriver" stuff (you
understand, I cannot ask admin for his password every 5
minutes =/ ). Is it important to be admin all driver
installation long or samba does not care?

One more thing. Do you thing the problem could come from
windows (win2k, sp4)? I do not have my own windows box to do
my test, so I ask users if I can use their boxes. From two
different boxes, it seems windows behavior is not the same.
Could the problem come from my "main" windows box?

> > I wonder if the problem could occure 'cause the printer is
> > a virtual printer?
> No, Samba doesn't care.  We have the exact same setup here.
You mean that you have setup a pdf printer with driver

Thanks a lot taking time to help me =)

See U =)


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