[Samba] FreeBSD nss_winbind library broken (was: Samba requesting nonexistent keytab type?)

Justin Baugh justin.baugh at request.com
Wed Jan 7 20:30:19 GMT 2004

> This should be fixed in the latest Samba 3.0 cvs tree.  Please test
> the 3.0.2pre1 release which is due out tomorrow.


3.0.2pre1 does indeed fix the Kerberos "Unknown key table type" problem, 
but winbind nss support under FreeBSD is broken. I filed a bug (#948) 
along with a simple patch which fixes the problem. Basically: 
winbind_nss_freebsd.c needs to be used along with winbind_nss_linux.c, 
not as a replacement. winbind_nss_freebsd.c is just a wrapper around the 
Linux/glibc NSS functions.

I'm not sure if I changed the right configure variable in the patch, but 
I'm sure someone will correct me if I didn't. As a sidenote, winbind 
still doesn't work for me personally, but at least I can see that 
winbind is actually receiving and processing getpwnam/getgrent/etc 
requests now. :)


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