[Samba] win 2k3 / XP Pro to Samba 3.0.1 open failed, result=-512

fire-eyes sgtphou at fire-eyes.dynup.net
Wed Jan 7 19:24:51 GMT 2004

I'm having some confusing problems transferring approximately 16GB, in
about 541,000 individual files.

What is happening is that I am starting with a blank destination
directory on a gentoo system running samba 3.0.1, and pulling from one
of two windows systems. The problems come in that each time I use rsync
(version 2.5.7) over samba to keep the data on the gentoo system's side
in sync with the data on either windows system, I get a different number
for the file count. Since i use rsync --delete --ignore-errors, files
which rsync does not think are on the windows side, are deleted on the
linux side, no matter what. Which files these are changes every time.

For instance below, Techboy is a Windows XP Professional system with all
service packs and critical updates. linux2 is a gentoo system running
kernel 2.6.1-rc2 , though I have seen these problems with 2.4.22 ,
2.4.23 , 2.6.0, and 2.6.1-rc1. linux2 runs samba 3.0.1.

I mount the share hosted on Techboy somewhere on linux2, and then I use
rsync to sync it up, the desination being linux2. After the initial
rsync. I then do three passes. Each of these passes is the exact same
rsync command, but notice each pass comes up with a different file
count. The files transferred usually consist of many files which were
deleted on the previous pass, which it now thinks do exist.

Techboy -> linux2 over samba 3.0.1, using rsync

  Pass 1:
Number of files: 540586
Number of files transferred: 1134
Total file size: 14943865918 bytes

  Pass 2:
Number of files: 541065
Number of files transferred: 951
Total file size: 14958832400 bytes

  Pass 3:
Number of files: 540892
Number of files transferred: 505
Total file size: 14953961276 bytes

And below, trying to single out either rsync or samba as the possible
problem, I use cp -R , using an empty destination. It was then that I
noticed the errors below. This is only a small segment of the errors,
there were many more.

Techboy -> linux2 over samba, using cp –R

  Pass 1:
smb_open: Animals/Animals 06.jpg open failed, result=-512
smb_add_request: request [d3ce8e80, mid=5091] timed out!
smb_add_request: request [d3ce8e80, mid=4797] timed out!
smb_add_request: request [d3ce8e80, mid=14811] timed out!
smb_add_request: request [d3ce8e80, mid=9571] timed out!
smb_add_request: request [d3ce8d80, mid=1125] timed out!
smb_add_request: request [d3ce8e80, mid=10389] timed out!
smb_add_request: request [d3ce8e80, mid=51222] timed out!
smb_add_request: request [d3ce8d80, mid=25088] timed out!


The second windows machine is a 2000 system. I see the same problems
trying the same actions, using either rsync or cp .

The exact rsync command that I am using is this:
rsync -a -v --delete --ignore-errors --stats --progress
/mnt/samba/clipart/ /mnt/rsync-backups/clipart/

Any ideas? I'm very eager to help.

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