[Samba] samr_query_aliasmem message in Machine log file

Dave Willis dave at willismailbox.f9.co.uk
Wed Jan 7 19:20:23 GMT 2004

Thanks for the reassurance, but I'd prefer to understand the situation
and resolve if possible.

Do you have any idea what could be causing the message for this one
workstation, or alternatively where I can read about configuration of
"Alias Members"?  As a very last resort, how would I "remove the message
from the source" as you suggest?


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Aside from the disk use, this is harmless.
If disk use worries you, you can simply remove the message from the

Andrew Bartlett

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From: Dave Willis [mailto:dave at willismailbox.f9.co.uk] 
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Subject: samr_query_aliasmem message in Machine log fileHi Samba people,
hope you can help me...

I have 3 XP Pro workstations on my domain.  They should have the same
configuration, and all work well, but one must be different somehow.
Each time I start this workstation, I get a message in the log file for
the machine, for example:-

2004/01/01 05:20:51, 0]
  _samr_query_aliasmem: Not yet implemented.

>From a web search, I can see that the message is related to Alias Group
Members, but this means nothing to me.  What should I do to fix this
problem?  Samba version is 2.2.8.

Many thanks,

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