[Samba] Sometimes unable to browse w2k shares

Rauno Tuul rauno.tuul at haigekassa.ee
Mon Jan 5 11:52:11 GMT 2004


I had exatly the same problems with 3.0.1. I also wrote about this couple
weeks ago to samba list
(http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2003-December/077722.html). I got 2
replies (off the list) from other users, who are having the same problem.

Is this 3.0.1 particular error? Has anyone understood what is the issue of
the problem and will it be fixed in 3.0.2?



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> From: rmi [mailto:rmi at open-challenge.nl]
> Plz i need some advice, im totally clueless at the moment 
> where to look and what to do.
> I have one samba 3.0.1 PDC and ten win 9x clients and two XP 
> pro clients and one w2k print server with some shares.
> It all worked good until i joined the w2k server into the 
> domain. The first couple of hours after joining all shares 
> and all printer were available on the win2k server. But then 
> all of a sudden i couldnt see any shares from the w2k server 
> on the netwerk.When i try to browse the w2k server shares via 
> 9x clients i get a unknown error 31.
> Even the ./smbclient -L //w2k/share -U aap doesnt let me see shares.
> Sometimes after an hour orso the shares are again available, 
> or else i have to stop and start samba.
> What could be wrong, Does any1 have any suggestions?

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