[Samba] Re: Looking for ACL-tutorial

Holger Wesser holger.wesser at navitas-solutions.de
Sun Jan 4 19:29:51 GMT 2004

hello Gémes,

thanks for your help and the codesnip. i will modify it for my needs and 
let you know if everything works fine.


Gémes Géza wrote:
> ~From my previous experience with FreeBSD 5.0 I've found, that unlike
> Linux's setfacl FreeBSD's doesn't support recursivity. So you would need
> to write a shell/perl script to do it recursively. Something which would 
> do:
> for i in `ls`; do
>     if [ -d $i ]
>         currpath=`pwd`
>         cd $i
>         setfacl
>         cd $currpath
>     fi
> done
> this bash script if you modify a little bit should do the trick for
> recursivity.
> Good Luck!

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