[Samba] Looking for ACL-tutorial

Holger Wesser holger.wesser at navitas-solutions.de
Sun Jan 4 16:38:41 GMT 2004

hi there,

maybe anybody can help me. i'm looking for a tutorial, how to use samba 
together with acls on freebsd 5.1. i have several problems relating to 
this topic:

1.) i created a directory and set the default-permissions via "setfacl 
-dm". but what i have to do, if i want another group/user access to this 
directory? how do i set the acl recursively ?

2.) i wanted to set the permissions by right-clicking on the directory 
in windows xp, select "properties->permissions". when i try to change an 
entry, i always get an "permission denied".

folks, thanks for your advice and help.


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