[Samba] Upgradeing from 2.2.8a LDAP

Jim C. jcllings at javahop.com
Sun Jan 4 08:56:53 GMT 2004

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Jim C. wrote:
Whoops I mean samba-ldap server.

Update: I've converted the LDAP database over to ldapsam from
ldapsam_compat. No errors or readily apparent problems with this,
however I am still having the same problems. It can't be anything too
complicated because it worked fine on 2.2.8a  ;-)

| Situation:
| I've set: ~ passdb backend = ldapsam_compat:ldap://
| Here are the symptoms:
| On the 'Doze side: With the previous version, I was able to double
| click on the server in "My Network Places" and it would prompt for
| a password. Now it just dumps the user into the server.  You can
| see some of the shares.  Also if your current Windows user is an
| Administrator, then you get access to the Administrator user's home
|  directory.  Not so for other Windows users.
| On the Linux side: On starup, no errors are reported. No errors are
|  reported in the log (/var/log/messages) at log level 6 if a normal
|  user double clicks on the server from Windows. I did get these
| errors which seem to suggest that samba is not talking to the ldap
| server:
| Jan  3 21:01:17 enigma smbd3[7340]: [2004/01/03 21:01:17, 0]
| printing/print_cups.c:cups_queue_get(899) Jan  3 21:01:17 enigma
| smbd3[7340]:   Unable to get jobs for
| ipp://localhost/printers/pdf-generator - client-error-not-found
| .and also:
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