[Samba] net rpc vampire still not working

Beast indorama at rad.net.id
Sat Jan 3 05:41:52 GMT 2004

Saturday, January 3, 2004, 12:04:31 PM, Darren wrote:

> Hi Craig,

> smbd & nmbd not running and domain master = no. I have included the rest 
> of the smb.conf for troubleshooting. Joined domain ok. 'net rpc testjoin' 
> returns OK. Still receive same errors when migrating users. Groups migrate 
> ok.

Hi, me myself did not like vampiring. I perefr run pwdump and then
change ldif as needed.

> Can't call method "get_value" on an undefined value at 
> /opt/local/samba/sbin/smbldap-useradd.pl line 152, <DATA> line 283.
> [2004/01/03 15:51:47, 1] utils/net_rpc_samsync.c:fetch_account_info(445)
>   fetch_account: Running the command 
> `/opt/local/samba/sbin/smbldap-useradd.pl -a -m "Administrator"' gave 29

1. create necessary container for user, group and computer.
2. create posix account :
  - smbnobody (or whatever in "guest account").
  - administrator (with uid=0,gid=0 sid=500,grid=512)
3. create posixgroup :
  - smbnobody
  - domainadmin (gid=0)
  - domainuser (gid=550)
  - computergroup (gid=551)
4. run smbpasswd -w secret
5. run :
net groupmap add ntgroup="Domain Admins" unixgroup=domainadmin rid=512
net groupmap add ntgroup="Domain Users" unixgroup=domainuser rid=513
net groupmap add ntgroup="Domain Guests" unixgroup=smbnobody rid=514

6. edit  /usr/local/sbin/smbldap_conf.pm :

# Default User (POSIX and Samba) GID
$_defaultUserGid = 550;     # MUST be same as gid of smbnobody
# Default Computer (Samba) GID
$_defaultComputerGid = 551;

7. test with manually running :
/usr/local/sbin/smbldap-useradd.pl usertest
/usr/local/sbin/smbldap-useradd.pl -w pctest

make sure there's no error.
8. delet test account.

9. run net rpc vampire...

10. get back to the list and tell that it works :-)


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