[Samba] Networking Fun

Thomas Spuhler thomas at btspuhler.com
Sat Jan 3 05:28:34 GMT 2004


It seems you just want to play a little. Let's devide your fun into two
separate projects:
1. Use modem on Linux box to access the WEB.
2. Seeing the linux box on the network neighborhood

These are two different animals.

1. Can you already access the WEB (Linmodem problem many have
difficulties with)? If yes, next you need to give WEB access to others.
The easiest to accomplish this is to use the Wizzards in the Mandrake
Control Center. You may also want to install a firewall, so the good and
bad guys on the WEB cannot see your W98 and ME boxes and do bad thing to
them. It's a while since I used 8.1, (currently using 9.2) but I believe
the standard firewall that Mandrake installs is Shorewall. It is text
based but not too difficult to configure when you understand what it is
doing. I can send you the config files and then you go from there and
make adjustments.

I think the Wizard will also configure a dhcp server. This will make
things really easy on the Windows boxes. You just configure them to use
dynamically assigned IP address, using DHCP.
The dhcp server on the Linux box then tells the windows boxes where the
gateway is (the IP address of the Linux box such as

You may want to get this resolved first because it gives you what you

2. You configure the samba using SWAT. This is the simplest way and it
has a graphic interface. You need to install SWAT and turn it on in
Mandrake Control Center in Services.
Samba basically allows you to setup your linux box as a file server for
your Windows folks. That is the main reason.

Good luck

On Fri, 2004-01-02 at 07:51, Alan Ryland wrote:
> Hi.
>     I am using Mandrake 8.1, and the version of Samba is 2.2.
>     I have a small network, using a pc with win 98, a laptop using ME, and
> the linux machine.
>     The network "pings" each other ok.
>     I have read just about most things as to how to get the network to see
> each other but, I cannott get any machine to see the Linux machine at all.
>     I would like to set up the Linux machine to : use the modem for
> internet.
>     : use the local printer as the network printer.
>     Samba states that it is running.
>     Please point me in the right direction to get this working.
> Alan Ryland

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