[Samba] Problem with recycle.so (3.0.1)

Rudolf Kollien Rudolf.Kollien at kollien.de
Fri Jan 2 17:09:26 GMT 2004

Hallo to all,

i just downloaded and compiled samba 3.0.1 (on SuSE Linux 9.0, Intel-PC). As 
in Version 3.0.0 i'm not able to pass parameters to the recycle module. 
Always the default values (which do not suite my needs) are used by 

Here a cut of my smb.conf:

   comment = Kollien Rudolf
   path = /u/samba/pc/kolli
   valid users = kolli root
   public = no
   writeable = yes
   printable = no
   nt acl support = yes
   vfs objects = recycle
   recycle: repository=.Papierkorb
   recycle: keeptree = yes
   browseable = yes
   guest ok = no

Neither the "repository" nor the "keeptree" parameter is recognized. Tried to 
write all params in one line like:

   vfs objects = recycle recycle: repository=.Papierkorb recycle: keeptree=yes

   vfs objects = recycle:repository=.Papierkorb recycle:keeptree=yes

didn't change anything. "testparm -v" lists the parameters specified in the 
smb.conf file. So i assume, the right one is accessed. As a workaround i 
changed the default values inside "vfs_recycle.c" and compiled it again to 
suite my options. But i think, that's not the right way. Also i must apply 
the same options to all users using the recycle-option.

Any hint's? 


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