[Samba] fstab mounting

Bruno Cochofel bruno.cochofel at zmail.pt
Fri Jan 2 14:46:56 GMT 2004

Hi there...
I want to mount a windows share automatically in fstab but I get an error

When I try: mount -t smbfs //MSWinSMBServer/share /mnt/share, it works, 
and even when I pass options like,

mount -t smbfs -o 

then, when asked, I type password...

The problem is when I do this in my fstab...

here's the line:

//MSWinSMBServer    /mnt/share    smbfs    noauto,user    0    0

I even tried,

//MSWinSMBServer    /mnt/share    smbfs    
noauto,user,credentials=/home/bcochofel/.smbpassword    0    0
//MSWinSMBServer    /mnt/share    smbfs    
   0    0

but I get always this error:

mount error: Invalid argument
Please refer to the smb...
smbmnt failed: 255

What is wrong in my fstab?

Bruno Cochofel,
Tlm: +351 918921624
ICQ#: 314484707
bruno.cochofel at zmail.pt

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