[Samba] suse 8.2 Samba 3 LDAP Domain Join Error : Logon failu re: unknown user name or bad password

Heupink, Mourik Jan C. Heupink at INTECH.UNU.EDU
Fri Jan 2 12:52:26 GMT 2004

dear list,

first of all: a very happy new year to all of you :)

2004 is going to be the year of our institute migrating from nt4 to a samba
domain Let's hope that move this will result in a good and successful year
for us... :)

and now for my two (small) questions...

> Yes. There is a bug there. I can give you RPMs for SuSE 8.2 
> that do work.
> You can download patched samba3-3.0.1 RPMs foe SuSE 8.2 (that 
> is what I
> run) from: http://samba.org/~jht/files/RPMS/

i have not yet installed these packages, i just looked at them with a text
editor, and noticed the following text:

This is samba3-3.0.1. Please do not run on production systems.
You have been warned.

question: i thought that samba 3.0.1 was the most up-to-date version of
samba, and that this version was really *the* version to use at the moment.
Am i wrong..? (or is 3.1 going to be the new, stable version of samba, and
should I use 3.0 for now..?)

And the second question... How are these (http://samba.org/~jht/files/RPMS/)
packages compiled..? For which suse version, and with what options? Looked
at the files again, but couldn't find it... Right now downloading the
.rsc.rpm, hope to get some of this info out of that file..?

thanks very much. Learned a lot from you guys already by simply reading this
list.. :)


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