[Samba] Samba and 2 NIC's

Silvino C. Ferreira silcf at devferr.com
Sun Feb 29 16:18:07 GMT 2004

Joel Cant wrote:

> Basically the situation is:
> My main server has 2 NIC's
> eth0 = 10/100 card
> eth1 = gbit card
> samba global config on the server
> [global]
> workgroup = GBNET
> server string = Aries Fileserver
> interfaces =,
> bind interfaces only = Yes
> null passwords = Yes
> The problem is this, although samba is bound to eth1's ip address, if 
> i try to sonnect to samba using eth0, it fails, but if in unplug the 
> cable in the eth0 card the transfers over samba die. looking at iptraf 
> it seems all traffic is being routed over the first card, nothing is 
> going out of the second card at all apart from network broardcasts. 
> anyone actually managed to make something like this work? i am really 
> stuck on this, anyone have any idea how to fix it?
> Cheers
> Joel

This seems more like a TCP/IP or hardware problem than a Samba problem. 
I am assuming that this is a Linux box? This being the case have you 
tried to deactivate eth0 rather than or along with unplugging it?  I 
have seen this on dual mother boards NICs where an active but unplugged 
eth0 stops all trafic but deactivatiing it caused transmission to work 
just fine. As I could only use one NIC, I stopped there 

Also is eth0 being used for any routing?

It may be wise to see if after disconnecting eth0 you can ping eth1 and 
if any other traffic other than Samba (ie ftp or http) can be run on the 
server.  You may also want to check the configuration of the hardware at 
the physical an data link levels.  Check with NIC or motherboad 


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