[Samba] Logging just the movement of files

Jesse Molina jesse at opendreams.net
Fri Feb 27 21:21:16 GMT 2004


You can always parse the logs, which can separate the log lines that you 
want versus those that you don't want.  Configure Samba to use syslog 
only and then write to syslog.  Syslog-ng is great for this kind of thing.

Alex Dantart wrote:
> Hi:
> I would want to log the files that "moves" through my network.
> I have played with "log level" directive, but it's not what i need.
> I set log level to 3... and certainly, it's ENORMOUSLY HUGE the log 
> written.
> It's the information i need, but it's impossible to catch somethin there
> And level 2 is TOO POOR... not information
> 2.5 ? :)
> I JUST need the files that somebody opens, or copy to his disk drive, 
> ect...
> any ideas ?
> Thank you

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