[samba] YA[hP (aka: Yet Another [homes] Problem)

vk7 visitors at libero.it
Fri Feb 27 20:47:05 GMT 2004

Ok apart from funny (?) topic I've a problem with [homes]

samba 3.0.2a

         comment = Home Directory
         read only = No
         browseable = No
         wide links = No
         follow symlinks = No

there is only a problem that \\MYSERVER\$USER is not visible but if I
type it by hand I can access it.
if I ser browsable = No I can See it and access to it but I see
\\MYSERVER\homes too that isn't accessible
3.0.0 was ok (maybe also 3.0.1 but I don't remember 'couse it's passed a
few time between relese.
sorry for bad english I know (I'll try too improve :) )
thanks for all your support tell me if something isn't clear ( quite
probable )

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