[Samba] Problem with samba on red hat enterprise 3 and windows 2000.

Edwards, Ross edwards_ross at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 27 17:26:25 GMT 2004


I am currently experiencing a very strange problem with
samba on Red HAt Enterprise 3 and windows 2000.  

Everything will work fine and I can access the samba share
from windows and then all of a sudden it will drop and
if I go into linux it wont appear but the service will 
say its running.  This also happens when I reboot windows.
It will take a good 10 minutes for the samba share on the
linux machine to show up on either linux or windows.  Yet
the share on the windows machine is always running no
matter what.

Is there any way to fix this???  Is there a problem with
red hat perhaps???  Have I configured something incorrectly??

Thank you.
ROss Edwards

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