[Samba] PDC newbie

Arthur Kerpician arthur at bluechip.ro
Fri Feb 27 16:38:52 GMT 2004

We recently migrated a Win2K PDC to Samba-3.0.2rc1-1 and it works just fine
(mainly). Still, there is a question that bugs me a lot: can Samba work with
NT style permissions, on directory level, NOT share level? Linux filesystems
can work with 3 entities for permissions, right? User, Group, All - RWX. NT
can have multiple permissions (anycase, more than 3) on each directory or
file, but Samba works with only 3, mentioned above. What if I want to give
the 4th user permission on a file?

As a hint, mapping groups GID <-> SID can help solving the problem I just
mentioned? I know that I can define permissions for as many users/groups I
want in smb.conf, but these permissions are only set for a particular share.

Hope I made myself clear...and I also hope I'll get at least a hint :)


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