[Samba] SAMBA3 -> LDAP

Stefan Bergner stefan.bergner at ise-informatik.de
Fri Feb 27 13:08:32 GMT 2004


I have this Configuration:

1st Server (incl. openldap). On this server, i hold my User and 
Group-Management with smbldap-Tools.
It work's great, the user's, group's and machine-account's stored
in my ldap-db.

This Server is not a PDC!!

Now i want to setup a 2nd Server.

I want to connect this Samba-Server with the ldap-db of the 1st Server.
Now, the good news: The User works.

With smbpasswd from 2nd Server i could change the Password of the users in 
my ldap-db on the 1st Server.

But the group-setting  (no unix-group, only a ldap-group) doesn't work.

In my ldap-db (1st Server)
is one user -> smbuser
and one group -> normal

On my 1st Server it works for a share with 
valid users = @normal

On my 2nd Server there is also a share with 
valid users = @normal

I now want to connect me to the share of the 2nd Server. The Errormessage 
is :

tree connect failed: NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

If i change the "valid users"-Parameter to

valid users = smbuser

everything is fine.

Any hint? 



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