[Samba] Re: HELP! Content of file on NT server does not change

Speedo Goo speedo at shenglong.com.cn
Fri Feb 27 06:38:19 GMT 2004

although the file's last modified time doesn't change (since the file is 
not closed), a windows client knows the file has changed and can read 
the new content.

Craig White wrote:

> On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 22:49, Speedo Goo wrote:

> ---
> obviously - one can only speculate. It would seem to me that the file is
> still open for writing - thus, all you will ever get is the state of the
> file when it was first opened for writing and it won't change until the
> file is closed (and subsequently re-opened I guess). Does Windows
> machine mounting this share and opening this file handle this
> differently?
> Craig

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