[Samba] Samba CANNOT work with DNS round-robin (?)

Ciarochi, Anthony anthony.ciarochi at intel.com
Thu Feb 26 16:53:13 GMT 2004

This is posed as a question more that a statement, so if you can show
that I'm wrong, please feel free to correct / flame me.
A couple of years ago, I identified a file corruption issue caused by
two people attempting to edit the same file via two different Samba
servers.  The file was in a shared file space, mounted on both Samba
servers via NFS.
The problem, I believe, lies in the fact that the oplock being held on
Server A is not visible to Server B, and therefore the users were
colliding with each other.  Once I forced the users to use one or the
other server, based on the files they were accessing, the problem
I would like to set up a system of three Samba servers in a DNS round
robin configuration, but I am concerned that this problem will
resurface, because there is no way to tell which server the user will
get, or to force a group of users onto a specific system.  Any thoughts
on this?
Anthony Ciarochi

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