[Samba] Your email message was blocked

sysalert at ncp.co.uk sysalert at ncp.co.uk
Thu Feb 26 14:08:57 GMT 2004

Your email has been held by our email gateway for the following reason:

   Message: B00017ba8e.00000001.mml
   From:    samba at lists.samba.org
   To:      customerservices at ncp.co.uk
   Subject: information

This is due to automatic rules that have determined that the 
intended recipient is not authorized to receive messages with 
certain potentially dangerous filetypes attached.

Our Company policy is that all emails containing pictures, video, vbs, 
executable file attachments, spam (junk email) or obscene language will 
not be delivered to or from users until their business requirement has 
been verified.

Once the business requirement has been confirmed they will be released. 
This release process occurs automatically at specific times throughout 
the working day for all business related emails.

If you have a business reason to send emails which are not obviously 
business related, please contact our I.T. Department immediately 
on +44 (0)20 7290 6333.

Rule: Inbound Messages : Block Dangerous Attachments

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