[Samba] 'logon drive' questions

flinchlock fst6x7v02 at sneakemail.com
Thu Feb 26 12:27:49 GMT 2004

Quoting "John H Terpstra"
> What is Samba-3.1.x? I am not aware that we have made any
> commitments to a
> 3.1.x release. We are planning a 3.0.3, however I should point
> out that
> 3.0.2a is looking good based on feedback so far. It will likely
> become
> known as a very stable reference release.

Let me rephrase... Since I'm just a home user (less than six
workstations), I don't need all the bleeding edge stuff in Samba
3.x.  So, I'll wait to upgrade until a stable release is available.
 I'm soooo feedup with software x.0 releases (mostly Windows
progs), I'll wait until x.1.

> > I won't ask you any questions.
> Why? What was wrong with my answers? :)

I *assume* you are VERY busy, and I shouldn't waste your time (or
the "lists") on stuff that I can goggle (same as RTFM).



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