[Samba] "Remember Password" from 2000/XP to Samba share?

Steven Kurylo skurylo at cleartech.ca
Wed Feb 25 19:59:34 GMT 2004

>1. The ability to have the same username on both the Windows box and Samba
>box, but with different passwords -- and have the samba share automatically
>remapped when the user logs into the Windows box without having to re-type the
>password each time (i.e. log into the Windows box, connect to the share with
>the username and different password, create a drive mapping and choose the
>"remember password" option, and have it "just work" next time the user logs
>back into the Windows box using their Windows/domain password. 
You can do this with windows xp.  From the control panel click on User 
Accounts.  Chose a user.  In the related task box there is an option 
called "Manage my network passwords".  From this box you can setup 
arbitrary server/username/password combinations.

I don't know of another way to this menu, but I'm sure there are.  Its 
the "Stored Username and Passwords" manager.  A quick google finds 

Steven Kurylo

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