[Samba] 2 questions about Samba

James Bowes james at xisit.net
Tue Feb 24 21:23:45 GMT 2004


I had seen a posting from another user with the same issue. 

Here's question 1:

For some reason when the guest account = guest, browsing is not
possible. When set to guest = root, no problem. I'm not sure what this
guy did to fix it but I'd love find out... 

Here's question 2:

Unfortunately, I am using XP for work on a laptop. The 'top belongs in
the company's existing W2K domain already. In the past I have been able
to browse to Samba workgroups and access shares with no issue while
using this laptop.

The Samba in my private network (my lab) is 3.0.2a and I am using Fedora
Core 1. So my question is:

Is there some reason Samba and Fedora appear to be a bit of a mismatch?
Also I noticed in the 3.0.2 (I believe it was .7) there was a reload for
the smb daemon. What has happened to that functionality?

Thanks for any and all answers or suggestions that may be provided.



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