[Samba] passwd program for NIS?

Alexander Skwar not-NOSPAM-from at email-server.info
Tue Feb 24 13:49:59 GMT 2004


Now that I'm able to change passwords at all ;), I'd like to implement
password syncing with Samba.

Problem is, that we're using NIS for our Unix network. Right now I don't
yet have an idea what I'd set for the passwd program. 

First, the program must be run on the NIS master. Fine. It must be able
to change the users password without needing to know the old password
when executed by root. That's where I'm having problems. I can set the
'passwd program = /bin/passwd -r files -F /etc/NISFILES/passwd %u', but
that doesn't quite work the way I'd expect to. 

This changes the users password in the /etc/NISFILES/passwd file just
fine, but after that I'd need to "cd /var/yp ; make passwd" which
sometimes take quite long (60 seconds). It for sure takes WAY longer
than when I/the user runs "passwd".

What and how do you do to sync the Samba and NIS passwords?

Using Samba 2.2.8a (HP CIFS Server A.01.10) on HP-UX 11.00. Upgrading to
"pure" Samba 3.0.2a wouldn't be such big a problem.


Alexander Skwar
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