[Samba] buglet/suggestion for smbtar script

Henry Yen henry at AegisInfoSys.com
Tue Feb 24 11:01:42 GMT 2004

Greetings.  A suggestion for the "smbtar" script (could be considered
a nano-bug):

   The "echo" commands that list the options selected (activated when
   using the "-v" option) should also be in the form 'echo >&2 ...'.

   This then becomes consistent with other usages of "echo ..." in the
   script, and most importantly allows a common usage:
      # make a live mirror using smbtar under linux 2.4 bash:
      /usr/bin/smbtar -s $SRV -x $SHR -u $USR -t - -v 2> getmirror.log |
          (cd $LCLMIRR; tar xvf - > makemirror.log 2> makemirror.err )

   It seems to me that the root cause is that the "-v" option is used
   for both capturing the stderr from the smbclient command as well as
   reporting within the script, and these usages are conflated.

   The "echo" commands in question occur in lines 152-158 in

Henry Yen                                       Aegis Information Systems, Inc.
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