[Samba] ADS, winbind and clients UIDs

Ghe Rivero ghe at upsa.es
Tue Feb 24 10:14:20 GMT 2004

Hi people!
	We are deploying a new scenario for out University, mostly based in
Samba. The purpose is the use of a single password for every service.
But we have found a little problem.

	The ADS are a cluster of 3 Win2003 servers. The file servers are
RHAS3.0, and all the clients are dual boot pc Win/Linux, and use winbind
for authentication.

	The idea is to export the file to the Linux clients via NFS, but here
we have the problem, cause the users will have diferents UID depending
of the machine they are using. Is any clean way (export the database.tdb
to all clients and sync it wth rsync is valid but not clean) to resolv
all this? Thx in advanced
	Ghe Rivero
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