[Samba] How to get rid of the \\my_server\homes share?

TeeCee teecee at teecee.hu
Mon Feb 23 12:15:31 GMT 2004

Hi! :o)

You must have two shares defined in Your smb.conbf or any included files.

  > I'm seeing both a share \\my_server\homes and a share
This must be: [homes]
  > \\my_server\<username>.
This must be [%U]

If You don't need any of them, just delete that section or use the mailed 
solution: browseable = no (note that in this solution the shares remaining in 
the shares but You cannot see it in the shareslist - but You can use it!)

BYE: TeeCee :o)

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> Hello all,
> Samba 3.0.1 on Sun Solaris 5.9.
> I'm seeing both a share \\my_server\homes and a share
> \\my_server\<username>.

> I want to get rid of the \\my_server\homes share and - in this case -
>  only want \\my_server\doejane to show up.
> There are some references about the same problem in the archives but 
> I couldn't find a fix.
> I can't remember seeing this behaviour in earlier Samba 
> installations? Is this a bug?
> Any ideas?
> Regards,
> Simon.
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