[Samba] Strange syslog error when trying to add Red Hat Linux 9 machine to Windows 2003 native AD

Edward W. Ray ewray at mmicman.com
Mon Feb 23 06:25:02 GMT 2004

Kerberos authentication seems to work fine; however when I try to initiate
the following:

[root at ns2 root]# net ads join -U root "Linux Mail Server"
root password: 
[root at ns2 root]# 

The machine is not added to the AD.  In /var/log/syslog I get the following

Feb 22 22:21:01 ns2 net: unable to dlopen /usr/lib/sasl/libgssapiv2.so:
/usr/lib/sasl/libgssapiv2.so: file too short

Not sure what that refers to, but my ethereal logs show something related to
authentication.  They are enclosed with this e-mail.

If anyone can provide some help and/or words of wisdom, I would appreciate


Edward W. Ray

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