[Samba] LDAP replication

rruegner robowarp at gmx.de
Mon Feb 23 02:01:41 GMT 2004

you better follow the official faqs on
for testing use Manager account as updater and do not use
a crypted password or ssl.
Slurp is sensitve to a exact copy of the
ldap db files i recommend after setup the master
stop it and copy i.e
scp -r /var/lib/ldap slave.host:/var/lib
then start the master ldap , slurpd and the the slave
if your system is doing the replication fine you can strugle around with
crypto and ssl features
Best Regards
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Subject: [Samba] LDAP replication

> Hi all,
> I know this is not ldap list, but I'm setting SAMBA LDAP BDC; I
> think many of you have experience with this.
> I setup a replica, I
> haven't done the following
> I followed
> 1.
> http://howto.aphroland.de/HOWTO/LDAP/ReplicationOverSSLConfigureOpenLDAP
> 2.
> http://howto.aphroland.de/HOWTO/LDAP/ReplicationOverSSLSlaveServer
> 3.
> http://howto.aphroland.de/HOWTO/LDAP/ReplicationOverSSLTheInitialTransfe
> r
> to setup replication,
> but slurpd doesn't not want to propagate from
> the master to the slave at all. I check the replication log. the master
> ldap replication's log (/var/lib/ldap/replication.log) was empty, while
> slurpd replication log
> /usr/local/var/openldap-slurpd/replication/rep.log had all the changed I
> have made  on the master, but the slave hasn't changed at all. I checked
> from .rej, there's no .rej. The status file is empty as well. I have no
> where to check for what's going on.
> Any idea? suggestion?
> Thanks!
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