[Samba] fail to print to windows XP printer

Yang Yang yangyang at juggler.ucsd.edu
Sun Feb 22 07:58:28 GMT 2004

hi all:
	I try to print from a linux box to a printer 
	connected on a Windows XP box, the two boxes are on 
	the same LAN, samba is latest version (3.0.xxxx)

	I use smbclient '\\server\Printername' -U user

	and gave correct passwd,

	I type 'print' in the samba shell,
	it shows the printed file transmitted to the XP box,

	and I go to the XP box to check on the printer status,
	the job is received, under the owner "Guest"
	but shows "error-printing' , the file name is "remote downlevel
	document',  the XP box doesn't give me any debugging info, so 
	I have no way of knowing why printing doesn't work.

	could anybody tell me the reason it fails? 
	( i used cups too, but I think cups relies on samba, so this is the
	real cause, and the owner 'Guest' doesn't seem to be wrong, because
	I printed out from another XP client, and the job went through
	correctly under the name 'Guest' )

	thanks a lot

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