[Samba] Samba 3.0 and Ldap - No users displayed

Stephen sollinge at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 22 05:00:45 GMT 2004

I am trying to setup samba 3 using LDAP with ACL's.  I am able to setup and 
change ACL's on directories and files if I specifically enter the user as 
DOMAIN\userid.  If I do the following:

- On WIN XP Pro I right click on a directory.  
- Select the security tab
- All users and groups are displayed that currently have ACL's for this 
- Click on ADD and then ADVANCED and then FIND NOW

All that shows up in name (RDN) column are groups.  If I click cancel here and 
just enter DOMAIN\userid I am able to add this user and modify their ACL's. 

I have tried everything and verified that the SID's and RID's of users are 
right.  Can someone give me another suggestion to try so I can just pick the 
user instead of having to type their userid everytime.

Thanks in advance.

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