[Samba] Migration to 3.0.2a

Jacek Palka jacek at p-applications.com
Sat Feb 21 19:54:06 GMT 2004


I know this issue has already been handled several times, but I couldn’t
find any clear description of the procedure.

I have Samba 2.2.5 running as a PDC on a RedHat 7.3 box, which I’d like to
migrate to 3.0.2a now. Both versions are compiled from source using
different prefixes (/usr/local/samba and /usr/local/samba3), so I can still
use the old version until I get the new one working.

What I have done until now was the following:

1.	stopped samba-2
2.	copied files smb.conf, secrets.tdb, smbpasswd and all the *.tdb (and
browse.dat) files to the respective location within the samba3 directory
3.	I’ve changed all the necessary paths in the smb.conf file to point out
the right locations within the new, samba3 directory structure.
4.	I’ve checked the file by running “testparm”
5.	I’ve extracted the SID by running “net getlocalsid” command
6.	removed secrets.tdb from samba3 and run “net setlocalsid
<extracted_value>”. This created a new version of the file.
7.	started samba3. I could see the Samba server from my W2k pro box, but
when trying to access it, I just got the login dialog, but couldn’t log in.
8.	tested also “pdbedit –Lv”, but couldn’t see anything wrong.
9.	I’ve also tried to migrate my user accounts using “pdbedit -i
smbpasswd -e tdbsam”, but the result was the same.

What I did wrong? I’ve been using Samba in many years, but actually I’m no
so experienced in the subject. So I hope there is a guru out there who can
guide me through the process.

Regards, Jacek Palka

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