[Samba] Security warning with XP clients and 3.0.2a PDC

Paul paul at gammaquadrant.net
Fri Feb 20 19:53:38 GMT 2004

In article <1077105626.15417.7642.camel at piglett.bartlett.house>,
   Andrew Bartlett <abartlet at samba.org> wrote:

> The problem might be your internet Explorer 'security zone' settings. 
> It thinks the SMB server is on the internet, and so warns you.  Remember
> all that stuff about IE being part of the OS?  Now you see what it
> really means ;-)

I added the server to the trusted zones list in IE settings and it stopped
the warning messages.  I see what you mean about IE etc - you gotta love
Microsoft :-)

I also tried your other suggestion re 'server signing = yes' but I lost
communication with the server, so I've put it back to 'no'.

Anyway, I'm working, so I'm very happy - thanks for your help! :-)

Paul Roegele


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