[Samba] 20s delay with nsswitch winbind

Karel Kulhavy clock at atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Fri Feb 20 16:36:56 GMT 2004


I have installed winbind into nsswitch according to Samba HOWTO Chapter
21 Winbind: Use of Domain Accounts.

However when I log in from console as unix user (who hasn't any account
in the samba) I get a 20s delay.

This is what the 12th console says:

Feb 20 17:27:22 oberon pam_winbind[6241]: user 'clock' granted acces
Feb 20 17:27:42 oberon login(pam_unix)[6241]: session opened for user
clock by (uid=0)

The first message is generated at the moment I submit my password.
The second one is generated at the same moment when my shell appears.

The 20s of waiting is between I submit my password and the moment the
shell prompt appears.

/etc/nsswitch.conf says:
passwd:      files winbind
shadow:      files
group:       files winbind

When I login as root (root is samba user, according to pdbedit -L)
the prompt appears immediately.

Also when I login as an user from trusted domain (KEVF_D1\clock
and put my windows NT paswword there and it WORKS!) I get no delay,
I get immediate prompt.

When I remove the 'winbind' words from nsswitch.conf, it disappears.
However, it refuses the KEVF_D1\clock user with
"User not known to the underlying authentication module"

Does anyone know why does this happen? What does it mean? How to get
rid of it?


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