[Samba] Problems with profiles Samba3 PDC / Win2k Client

Wolfgang Duebel wolfgang.duebel at easi.de
Fri Feb 20 13:47:37 GMT 2004

Hi all,

we're running an Samba 3 Server as PDC for our network. Additionally we run
an Win2k Terminal Server for our unix users. The TS is member of the domain.
We had'nt had a problem till some profiles got corrupt and we had to delete
them. The profiles are server based.

Now when those users try to log, we get the follwing error message:

"You could not log on,because the profile culd not be loaded...  Access

We tried anything from deleting the user from the smbpasswd, deleting all
local (client) and server-based profiles.

If you add a new username, a clean profile is created and stored on the
server as expected.

Any ideas?

Wolfgang Dübel

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