[Samba] access denied LDAP -PDC

Chris Tepaske chris at lincom.net.au
Fri Feb 20 11:38:49 GMT 2004



I have configured a samba 2.28-a server as a LDAP PDC.

It is installed on Red Hat 9.0 server.

I can ssh into the server and logon to using ldap to authenticate.

I can browse to the server from my XP machine and authenticated using LDAP
accounts and see al the shares 

What I cann't do is log on to the domain.

I have created the computer account manually using the samba - ldap tools

I have created a dummy root account with uid=0 in LDAP that I use for
joining up to the domain.

When I to join the XP machine to the domain I get access denied error 

And yes I have performed the reg hack for XP 

I have included the smb.conf file below

I'm going around in circles every howto I read seems to say everything that
I already have done.



## Ldap Stuff


 ldap admin dn = "cn=root,dc=lincom,dc=net"

 ldap server = ldapsmb.lincom.com.au

 ldap suffix = "ou=People,dc=lincom,dc=net"

 ldap port = 389

 ldap ssl  = start_tls



workgroup = office

netbios name = pdc1

comment = Linux RedHat Samba Server

security = user

encrypt passwords = yes


logon drive = U:

logon path = \\%L\profiles\%G

domain logons = yes


domain master = yes

local master = yes

preferred master = yes

os level = 255


wins support = yes



log level = 5

log file = /var/samba/logs




path = /export/netlogon

locking = no

writeable = no

guest ok = no

browseable = yes



path = /export/profiles

writeable = yes

guest ok = yes

browseable = yes





Chris Tepaske


Lincom Solutions Pty Ltd

Senior System Consultant 

Mobile: 0409 043 618

Email: chris at lincom.net.au 


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