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Gémes Géza geza at kzsdabas.sulinet.hu
Thu Feb 19 19:46:36 GMT 2004

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António Vasconcelos írta:
| Hello!
| I'm having trouble to access a Samba share trough ms-dos.
| I'm using NU2 network boot disk, wich loads ndis drivers ms-dos prompt.
| So that after that I can do a net use to a share and load an disk image
| with Ghost.
| The problem is that i passed from a windows to unix - samba share and
| i'm not capable of connecting to it.
| Mapping the share trough Windows XP is no problem.
| Can any one tell me if the problem is from th samba or, is it necessary
| to have some special software to connect??
| Thank you all
| Best regards
| António Vasconcelos
To connect from DOS to any CIFS server having only NetBIOS over TCP/IP,
like Samba, you need the followings:

- -Network card driver for DOS
- -TCP/IP stack for your DOS box (I think you lack this)
- -SMB Client (Most shiped for DOS will work only over raw NetBEUI :-( )

As I don't know (yet) about any true CIFS client for DOS, you will need
to allow access to ports 137-139 of your CIFS server (enabled by default
for Samba)


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