[Samba] Domain Admin group problem

Bolemányi Attila bolemanyi.attila at mail.vpop.hu
Thu Feb 19 08:26:18 GMT 2004


I've got an interesting problem with my Samba 3.0.2a on Debian Woody.
I've created the Domain Admins group as I could read in the 
documentation, and I added
a user to this group called "star". If I login to a Windows 2000 
workstation, which is a member of the domain, I can login, but I don't 
have administrator rights on this workstation. The Domain Admins group 
is a member of a local Administrators group, but I have to add the user 
called "star" if I want to have administrator rigths on the workstation. 
I thought that it is enough to be a member of a local Administrator 
group if I am a member of a Domain Admins group. But it does not work.

My configuration: Debian Woody, Samba 3.0.2a, passdb backend=tdbsam

Could you give me any idea?


B. Attila

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