[Samba] CUPS and raw printing

Alan Becker beckera at softrends.com
Thu Feb 19 05:17:45 GMT 2004

I have replaced an NT4 file/print server with a Samba server (built on 
RH9 with all
current patches (kernel 2.4.20-28.9, Samba 2.2.7a-8.9.0, Cups 

Having trouble with a DOS application and raw printing.  This DOS app 
prints to any of several dot-matrix printers, running fan-fold paper. 
When I set up a
raw queue and map LPT1 to it, the DOS app prints just fine.  However, 
the queue
manager does absolutely nothing (like ejecting a page) to segregate the 
output from
different jobs.  This behaviour normally completes printing a job 
somewhere in the midst
of a page and stops.  When a new job is routed to that printer, it 
continues printing
where the previous job ended.  Thus there is output from 2 jobs on the 
same page,
and the 2nd (or nth) job is not printing aligned at page boundaries.

Is there any config available to set up a queue that is raw as far as 
the print stream
is concerned (does no filtering or translation), and yet can eject a 
page after each job
to keep different print streams on separate pages??  Any suggestions 
will be welcome.

A. Becker

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