[Samba] Fedora & Samba 3.0.2, unable to execute program from file share

dknott at awebco.com dknott at awebco.com
Wed Feb 18 23:38:02 GMT 2004

Short story:

I can't directly execute a file from a samba file share by double clicking
on it in Windows file explorer. Instead, I get the "open or save" dialog
that you'd normally see browsing the Internet and clicking on a file.

I can copy files to and from the file share, just not execute them.


I setup a Fedora Core 1 box to replace an old RH 7.3 box.

The new box has Samba 3.0.2 while the old has 2.2.7.

The file shares contain some Foxpro based databases. On the old box, I 
would mount the file share as a network drive and run the app directly 
from the file share. On the new box I can't do that, it gives me the file 
"open or save" dialog that you'd expect to see when clicking on a file 
link on the Internet (not in a file share).

The client machines are Win XP.

I've checked what I think to be the obvious things like file permissions
and they appear to be ok. The files have 'rwx' for owner and group.

I've copied over the smb.conf that works as expected on the old box and
I've treid making a new stripped down smb.confs. No change.

I've googled but generic terms like "execute file share" don't lend 
themselves well to finding specific answers.

I uninstalled samba 3 and fell back to samba 2 thinking that something 
changed in the major versions but that didn't help either.

What blindingly obvious thing am I missing????


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